Friday, 27 April 2012

Wash it all away

Fela Photography Copyright 2012

It's rainy season here and I couldn't be happier. It's ironic how you move away to escape from everything and everyone; to rediscover yourself, to redefine yourself and yet you miss your past life terribly! But is days like today, the rainy ones, the humid and chill ones that bring my nostalgic memories back to life once more. 

Fela Photography Copyright 2012
I'm cold to the bone; but walking through this amazing hidden little park I find myself stepping back into my old city. I take deep breaths and as I inhale the humidity of the environment I can taste the fresh brewed coffee I would drink on the bench of my neighborhood's park , covering it with newspaper to sit on a dry spot, wearing wet shoes that tried to avoid miserably the big puddles. I would just sit there watching people rush home from the cold as in a slow motion movie where I get to enjoy every little detail: the drips of water coming down from their umbrellas, their eyes squinching frantically to avoid water getting in them, the movement of their clothes. Everybody rushing to escape from the rain but I sit alone letting it all wash away my worries, feeling the water move through my face, letting it sink in and think how amazing is God who provides all this for us to witness. I honor that by staying longer.

Exhale. Quickly inhale again and I see myself on another wet day running through the masses to get a hold of a roof to protect me from the rain; too strong to stay in it this time. I can smell strongly the wet polyester from people's coats and I relish in it (ironic... I used to hate that smell). Something about everybody gathering under one roof to shyly rest in each other's body heat gives me a sensation of community; everyone working together but independently for one goal... it's weird, but I find it exciting!

It doesn't matter how many times or how far you run away, your past finds ways to remind you it's part of you who are; embrace it and let it sink in. No matter how hard or light it was, it'll make you wiser and stronger.