Wednesday, 28 October 2015

My Temporary Life In The Shadows

If you are always in tune with my social media and have been following me for a while, you might have noticed I have been disappearing lately and show up a little bit here and then. You might have wondered where are all the photos you have grown accustomed to enjoy or all the blog posts about Reveal Your True Beauty and the experiences.

Well, sometimes life throws you punches. You can only get up and keep going. Sometimes life knocks you down and just when you are getting up again, it throws you another punch. Life can be a bully sometimes, just as it can easily be a dream. Life is bipolar.

Well, right now and for the last 3-4 months, I've been receiving punch after punch and I have to attend to those punches. They are my urgency right now so I have found myself with no time to attend to my social media, which from a small business owner point of view who relays on it as the sole marketing tool it, well, sucks.

To be honest and open about it, as is always my intent with everything I do, what's causing all this is that my son has been recently diagnosed with Autism and Severe Communication Delay. The punches, as you have imagined, are related to his diagnosis; parenting, my health (both physical and mental) and what this means on an every day basis, plus the normal day to day things that are part of being a parent, a wife, a professional and being me (you know, the things that won't stop and wait just because you are having a bad time). Decisions for the sake of my son had to be made that mean making sacrifices, for at least this school year. Right now for example, I'm writing to you from a Starbucks near his Preschool. It's a specialized school for special needs but it has integration with typically developed children as well (you'll hear more from me about this later). It's quite far from home and that means I have to stay around the area every day until he is transferred to the branch close to home for the next school year. In 3 months (to you it feels less because all the post you've been seeing had been scheduled), it has been the first time I've been able to sit and write. It's all happening from my iPad so it can be quite limiting for some things, hence the lack of my photography work lately (no, I don't own a laptop and honestly right now, If I had the money for it, I would spend it on private therapy sessions for my little L instead). I still have lots of material to show you including videos, photos, announcements, etc. that I have not released yet, but is a bit complicated to do right now. I'm still learning how to manage this juggling game.

What does it mean to Fela Photography and Reveal Your True Beauty? 
I'm still doing my business of course! Fela Photography and Reveal Your True Beauty is my happy place and for my sanity, I need that now more than ever. But it will continue at a slower pace than before. I can't overload myself.

What does this mean to you? 
Not much really. If you are a social media follower, It means that you won't see me around as often as I was showing up before. As a client it means my availability will be a bit more tight but it is still realistically doable (studio is closer to me now, actually!) otherwise (believe me) I wouldn't do it. I'm already holding too many things on my hands and I am being very conscious of not trying to hold more than I can. It also means that my delivery times will be longer than before because I won't be able to hold my record of 1-2 weeks delivery.

If you are reading this and you feel you don't want to bother me right now because you believe it's the best approach, because you feel bad for me and believe it wouldn't be fair to "bother" me with your needs, I'll tell you this: If you want to help me, give me photography projects to do. It'll make me feel useful and take my mind off my current everyday. Hiring me will be my therapy. Me being able to help you discover your amazing self will remind me of mine when I need it most. 

In the meantime, I'll work with the tools I have right now. I'll keep blogging as much as I can but it'll be a bit of everything. It'll do me good. Some thoughts I've had in my mind for a while have been screaming lately for me to let them out and things related to my journey as a mother of a special needs child that I hope others relate to and might be of help for someone out there. If you want to keep up with my blog in there's an option on the right side of your screen (if on a PC) or at the bottom (device) where you can sign up so Blogger lets you know of new posts.

Allow us both - you and me  - to punch life back on the face with a huge smile and sense of joy because we are strong, courageous and resilient. Allow us both to get back on our feet, look at life and say "keep it coming". 

My biggest joy will be able to help you in the way I know how and believe me, your biggest joy will be taking that step.