Friday, 3 August 2012


Last weekend I was walking around downtown with my camera, my eyes fixated on the ground looking for those little things that are invisible for the normal eye; an interesting shape, a pattern, an object that would tell me a story... During my walk I stopped for a moment in the realization that I had no clue where I was, simply because I wasn't paying attention. I know the city's downtown well so I was sure to find my location right away but the fact that I had my mind completely drifted away into my own personal oblivion, alert me that I should pay attention to what my body was doing; to where my feet had taken me so far.

When I finally raised my head I found myself across the river and out of downtown, in front of a beautiful sight of it all. My feet had brought me here on a beautiful sunny day; a place surrounded by peace and calm accompanied by an accordion playing some amazing french tunes in the distance and ducks and geese floating on the river right in front of me. 

I had to sit down, stop my weekend's quest and let it all sink in. I took this photo and I could have taken many more but as a photographer, you have to remind yourself that sometimes not everything has to be captured with your camera but with your heart and mind only, and leave it there, just for yourself, to appreciate the vastness of it's beauty with all your senses and not only your eyes. I stayed there for hours contemplating it all, grateful for the sight I was given by surprise and enjoying the silent company of strangers who were as deep in thought of it all as I was.

It was indeed, a beautiful day.