Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Everything is in the detail

It’s been a couple of weeks since I arrived here and I’m feeling bad. Not because of the city but because I haven’t taken photos! I’ve been so busy with getting settled that photography has gone to low priority right now. Not good, not good at all. Practice, practice, practice. It should be done every day. Just like a professional musician or an athlete who wakes up early everyday to exercise their skills, a photographer should do the same (not necessarily wake up early but you get the idea). Always aiming for better, always keeping my eyes open to the particularities of the world, to the hidden beauty, the details, patterns, textures and shapes that an untrained eye would miss.

Everything is on the detail. The minimum curve of metal can create a beautiful image if you pay attention. If you study it, go around it, observe how the light shapes it and then play with it. How can you manipulate the light to make it change? Or do you want to leave it as it is? From a rock to a human being, photography builds a certain intimacy with your subject and everything else simply disappears. Countless times I have been found caught in this surreal dance without noticing people around me trying to find what is so beautiful that I’m trapped in it. Just like that, I want this city to trap me too.

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