Friday, 24 January 2014

My Wrinkles "Dictionary"

I'm 32. I'm starting to notice how my wrinkle slowly appear. They're barely there but I'm aware of their presence. I'm not worried at all. I'm actually feeling proud!

This is how I see it. Make a different approach to how you see your wrinkles and it will change everything about how you see yourself. You are not "rotting" with age but "ripping" in maturity, remember that.

Wrinkles are accumulations of lifetime experiences; the good experiences I must add. In my humble opinion, this is what they mean:

- Eye Wrinkles: Laughing wrinkles, attentive wrinkles, focus wrinkles

- Mouth wrinkles: Smiling wrinkles

- Lip wrinkles: Kissing wrinkles

- Forehead wrinkles: Surprise! wrinkles, awesome adventures wrinkles

- Cheek wrinkles: The it's-so-funny-it-hurts laugh wrinkles

And I'll throw a bonus one:

- Grey hair: Silver hair. Awards of wisdom

Happy Friday everyone!!

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