Thursday, 17 April 2014

What's Beauty Photography?

Hair and Makeup by Kada Issa (Bombay Beauty Loft)

"Beauty Photography can be best described as a hybrid cross between very good portraiture and fashion photography" 
- Paul Kerins, photographer

I couldn't have said it better myself. Beauty photography is known mostly as and advertising media for makeup; though it is indeed used mostly for this purpose, there's another use that hits way closer to home and oh how close it is!

So what's the "closer to home" version? The one that focuses in real beauty. YOUR beauty. Your REAL beauty. The one sometimes we hide inside, keeping it safe from danger and criticism. Ironically, that criticism comes mostly from ourselves. We live in it's denial because we were thought different. I'll prove you wrong.

"Beauty is not on the outside, it's something that shines out from inside you"

I've been in your shoes and I did for quite a long time; years actually. To better understand where I'm coming from check the post Ugly Betty And Why I Want To Show Your True Beauty,  where I share my personal experience and how it prepared me for helping you to discover and reveal your true inner beauty. After all, I believe everything happens for a reason.

How do these beauty sessions work?

It's actually more simpler than you might think. As an overall, you get hair and makeup done by a professional artist that knows her way through preparing you for photography. The photographer, being an artist, gets inspired by you, your personality and beauty. Then, the creativity and fun begin.

In order for the beauty session to be successful, you need to trust who you are to the photographer. This is, of course, not a one sided deal. A beauty photographer knows well his/her art and will treat you with respect, professionalism but mostly with kindness. This will help you feel comfortable and in a trusted environment. After all, we want to bring out that beauty you are hiding and what better way than to make you feel relaxed?

It is an intimate experience and it will be treated with all the respect it deserves. 

Here's something one the ladies wrote about her experience. Her words are what motivate me everyday to give my best and bring your best:

"Most people dislike getting photos of themselves and would find it hard to get excited about a photoshoot. 
But then came along Fela of Fela Photography. Working with Fela from start to finish was something of a different experience that every person should be lucky enough to partake in. There wasn't any pressure to look a certain way or need to be camera shy simply because Fela can put anyone at ease. 
As people we often spend all our time putting our energy into our families or spend too much time working -that we don't get the opportunity to spend a selfless hour on ourselves to create a beautiful product. 
The photos of myself are a reminder of how beautiful I think I am but forget quickly. 
They are a reminder of what other people see everyday, but I don't. 

I hope everyone can take the time to invest in an experience of such as this. Because then you too will be reminded of how truly amazing you always where". - Katie

After your session is done, I always recommend to treat yourself, either with your partner or on your own, to an amazing evening. After all, you have had your hair and makeup done. Why not take advantage of it? In fact, plan ahead of time what you want to treat yourself to: a romantic dinner? Theater? Ballet? Go out to dance? A girls' night? Be creative and make it special! You deserve a day of pampering, don't you? Of course you do. We all do!

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